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 and gain audience by telling great stories through audio and video.


 Vox Valens Media is a full service podcast production company. After producing over 800 episodes exclusively for The Real Estate Syndication Show, we had started to see an increasing number of inquiries into whether we would offer our services to other shows. Over the years, we have developed very streamlined processes, tried out a myriad of softwares, and honed a lean and efficient system for production. Our incredible team of graphic designers, copywriters, videographers, audio engineers, and guest relations specialists, all led by our amazing production manager, can take your podcast all the way. Whether you need the full service suite, a custom package, or even launch assistance, you can feel confident knowing our team is ready to come alongside you in your endeavor! To date, we have produced over eight hundred episodes for 8 unique clients.


Whether you’re curious about features, processes, pricing, we’re here to answer any questions.